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Statements by self-proclaimed Heads of Crimea concerning the referendum are illegal, - Pavlo Petrenko


Statements by Heads of Presidiums of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (ARC) concerning the referendum in Crimea are out of the legal field. Such a statement today was made by the Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko during the briefing with journalists at the premises of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

“Any decision to hold a referendum in Crimea is illegal. Issues of territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine are not to be considered on local referendums. This issue can only be considered on a national referendum”, - stated the Minister of Justice of Ukraine.

He had also reminded that at present there is no such law in Ukraine on local referendum and the decision of Crimean local authorities has been made with the violation of the procedure.

“As of today the judicial authorities on the initiative of the General Prosecutor’s Office has made the decisions to suspend these decisions, made by the Crimean Parliament and the so-called Presidium of Crimea”, - he said.

Pavlo Petrenko has also added that now the General Prosecutor’s Office in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine is working on proceedings concerning the violation of territorial integrity of Ukraine. “The General Prosecutor’s Office conducts a series of criminal investigations into vocation of separation of the country and the encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine”, - he added.

The Minister of Justice also assured that all territorial departments of the Ministry of Justice in Crimea are functioning as normal.

“Every day I communicate with Directors of Justice Departments in Crimea. Registers maintained in Crimea are well protected. Archive services are protected as well. Apart from that, check copies of the registers are located on special servers in Kyiv. We worked out a mechanism of shutting down the registers in places of potential threat of unauthorized access. I’m able to reassure all citizens that their information is well protected. Citizens of the Autonomous Repubic of Crimea receive all services of the Ministry of Justice as normal”, -emphasized Pavlo Petrenko.

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