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Pavlo Petrenko The Minister of Justice of Ukraine
Pavlo Petrenko
The Minister of Justice of Ukraine



This year the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine will introduce public online procedure for procurement of legal services, provided by foreign advisors. Such a statement has been made during a press-conference at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by the Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Anton Yanchuk.

“We are planning to promulgate advertisements that we are in search of legal advisors with appropriate qualification requirements in general access. This will allow informing legal firms both in Ukraine and abroad about the necessity of such services”, - stated the Deputy Minister of Justice.

He has also informed about intentions of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine to supplement the list of qualification criteria of procurement procedures with strict requirements in order to prevent conflict of interests.

“We have progressive legislation in this sector, and we believe that its provisions should be applied to procurement of legal services, provided by foreign advisors”, - emphasized Anton Yanchuk.

Apart from that selection of an advisor will become much more transparent. Access to the meeting of the Tender Committee will be granted to MPs and the media.

According to him, first steps towards reforming the system of procurement of legal services, which had begun its implementation last year, have ensured significant budget saving.

“According to the Accounting Chamber’s report, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine saved approximately 2 million dollars last year on legal advisors’ services in international disputes. This was made possible by reducing the average cost of services contracts, as well as the introduction of a predicted calculation of cost for cases, which are being considered for several years”, - stated Anton Yanchuk.

Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine informed all present that expenses for consulting services in dollar equivalent in 2014 have been 4 times less compared to 2013.

According to Anton Yanchuk, the Ministry of Justice plans on performing procurement procedures in order to support state interests in 17 lawsuits in International Courts.

Anton Yanchuk additionally pointed out disputes between Ukraine and foreign business representatives.

“Currently the Ministry of Justice supports 19 court disputes involving Ukraine and foreign investors. Also we are working on pre-trial mediation of 21 claims. Total amount of claims according to these lawsuits is about 170 billion UAH”, - stated the Deputy Minister of Justice.

He pointed out that during last year the amount of claims had increased several times. The reason for this, according to Anton Yanchuk, is oligarchs’ discontent with the fact that the Government has eliminated a significant part of unjustified preferences, which have been provided to them by the previous government.

First Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Natalya Sevostyanova has stated that Ukraine continues lawsuits against Russia at the European Court of Human Rights. Prior to September 25, 2015 Russia is obliged to present its position on the lawsuit to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) regarding annexation of Crimea, as well as the situation in Eastern Ukraine.

“One of the applications, submitted by Ukraine, has been already communicated – the Russian Federation received a list of questions that had to be answered by March. However, using certain procedural moments, they were able to delay this process by September 25. We hope that Russia won’t have any more possibilities to delay the consideration of this case. And in September we will move to the next stage in the consideration of this case”, - stated the First Deputy Minister of Justice.

She also pointed out that this case, starting from the moment it was submitted, has been repeatedly supplemented with new facts, and now it contains information on violation of almost all articles of the UN Convention, starting from the right to life and ending with violation of property rights of state enterprises, banks and other institutions located of the Crimean peninsula, which had lost the ability to use their property after the annexation.

“Over 4 thousand enterprises are listed in this application. They have submitted information about lost property to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Currently, work is being performed to gather confirming documentation on the right of ownership of all this property”, - emphasized Natalya Sevostyanova.

According to her, experts continue recording violation of human rights in Crimea. They relate to oppression of Crimean Tatar population, as well as Ukrainian citizens, located on the Crimean territory. All recorded facts are going to be added to the relevant court application.

“We are very grateful to International organizations, which show these facts in their reports. These are the most convincing evidence for the ECHR”, - she said.

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