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Pavlo Petrenko The Minister of Justice of Ukraine
Pavlo Petrenko
The Minister of Justice of Ukraine



In June, the Ministry of Justice launches the 2-nd stage of the new personnel policy strategy, during which all regional justice department management personnel will undergo qualification tests. Such a statement has been made today during a press-conference at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by the First Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Natalya Sevostyanova.

“We have 700 regional justice departments. During summer we must perform about 1400 interviews with works in justice departments on a local level. After that we are going to announce a competition to fill in those vacant places that have become vacant due to failing the selection”, - stated Natalya Sevostyanova.

She also announced the completion of the 1-st stage of implementation of the new personnel policy, during which 85 heads and deputy heads of regional justice departments have been tested.

“Anonymous electronic testing had been performed by an international audit company Ernst&Young, so no one could affect the result. The purpose of the test was to check their professional skills, leadership qualities and the possibility to manage the personnel. Out of 85 people tested, 47 have left their positions”, - stated Natalya Sevostyanova.

An open competition has been announced to fill in these 47 vacant positions. Anyone, who had law degree and not less than 5 years working experience in the legal sector, could participate in this competition. There was no necessity to have working experience as a public servant any more.

“Due to this 332 candidates have made it pass through the first stage and they have been admitted to the interviews with the Ministry of Justice Personnel Commission. 33 of them have been announced winners. 12 people out of these 33 have never worked in the public service sector”, - pointed out Natalya Sevostyanova.

Deputy Minister of Justice Gia Getsadze drew special attention to the fact that for the first time in history of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, heads and deputy heads of regional justice departments have not been appointed by the Minister directly, but a fair, fully open and transparent selection has taken place.

“It is a good indicator that 30% of the appointed mangers had never worked in government bodies. They are notaries, lawyers and representatives of other legal professions”, - he emphasized.

Deputy Minister of Justice also expressed confidence that much more professionals will agree to participate in competitions to fill in vacant posts at local levels.

“When we had conducted selection at the regional level, there were many, who didn’t apply because of mistrust. Now, when everyone had seen open competitions and fair opportunity to get a job at the Ministry of Justice network, we should expect an increase in those, who will apply for those jobs.

Lithuanian expert Ginteras Svedas, who is currently responsible for the functional analysis of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, in his turn, stated that the Ministry of Justice has chosen the right strategy to implement reforms that concern not only changing the personnel of the justice system, but also all those sectors that have direct impact on Ukrainian citizens.

“The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has chosen the right strategy for reforms that have a direct impact on ordinary citizens’ lives. First of all, it is about the reform in the registration service sector and the system of enforcement of judgments”, - stated Ginteras Svedas.

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