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Pavlo Petrenko The Minister of Justice of Ukraine
Pavlo Petrenko
The Minister of Justice of Ukraine



The Ministry of Justice will unite all the structures, responsible for maintaining state registers, controlled by the Ministry of Justice and create a single operator on their basis – State Enterprise “National Informational Systems”. Such a statement has been made during a press-conference at the premises of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by the First Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Natalya Sevostyanova.

“The Government has already made a decision to create a State Enterprise “National Informational Systems” that brings together 21 registers for which the Ministry of Justice is responsible for. The Enterprise is going to be created as a pilot project in accordance with new standards, under the bill on transparency and publicity of state finances, which will be in force in the nearest future”, - stated the First Deputy Minister.

According to her, there are approximately 100 registers in Ukraine, operated by different Ministries and departments. This makes the process of their maintenance more complicated, because every department has its own personnel directly responsible for the registers.

“We have set a task before ourselves to make a monitoring report on the visa-free regime with EU, which requires new personal identification format, to bring these registers together under one operator. This will allow to reduce the number of personnel, optimize work and to reduce expenses from the state budget. Apart from that, we will finish developing software for the registers on our own. The registers are going to be owned by the State and not by private companies. This will allow the State to save money, which under the former government, have been paid as royalties for using the software”, - emphasized Natalya Sevostyanova.

She also stated that the newly created SE will become the first state company with an independent Public Council that is going to include representatives from the public and from international organizations. They will be responsible for development and approval of the financial plan, and they will perform monitoring of application of funds.

“All information will be available on the website in order for journalists and the public to see how public funds are spent. The Chairman of the new company will be selected by an open and transparent competition”, - stated Natalya Sevostyanova.

As it has been stated by the Minister’s Advisor Igor Alekseev, previously corruption schemes, created by members of the former government at the Ministry of Justice, led to severe losses to the state budget. In general, due to these transactions, the State lost more than 1,12 billion UAH.

“Former management of the Ministry of Justice in cooperation with some private structures has created a system, which annually excluded hundreds million UAH from the State budget to private companies’ offshore bank accounts”, - stated Igor Alekseev.

He described 3 main schemes of embezzlement of public funds. First scheme – purchase of electronic digital signatures from private companies at inflated prices. For the past years such scheme caused 27 million UAH losses to our State. The second scheme included purchase of forms from private structures also at inflated prices. From this scheme, the State lost 340 million UAH. The third scheme – the most important corruption scheme – payment of royalties for using software. Approximately 760 million UAH have been lost due to this scheme.

According to the data provided by the Kyiv scientific research institute of forensic examinations, this software didn’t meet license agreements for the development of appropriate software.

“According to the conclusion, for example, the “State register of rights to immovable property” software does not fulfill functions provided by the designers’ license agreement, which predetermines stopping the register and data protection. This means that the register, which has data on all citizens, provided the possibility of external interference to this register”, - emphasized Igor Alekseev.

Olena Velyka, who is currently an Acting Director of the SE “National Informational Systems”, stated that compared to 2013, despite the changes in currency exchange rate, 1 register user’s monthly support has decreased almost by half. In such way the Enterprise managed to save 211 million UAH due to simplification of procedures and refusal from corruption schemes.

“The total amount of expenses that we plan for this year is 240 million UAH, which is almost 3 times less than previous companies’, responsible for maintaining the registers”, - she stated.

She also informed all present that the Public council under the enterprise will hold meetings not less than 1 time per quarter and report before the public on all steps and expenses of the enterprise.

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