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Pavlo Petrenko The Minister of Justice of Ukraine
Pavlo Petrenko
The Minister of Justice of Ukraine

A unique training program for new justice department heads has been launched in Odessa


A unique seminar, aimed to improve personal and team effectiveness, as well as effective management for justice sector employees has been launched today in Odessa. Training of new chairmen for justice departments– people, who should change the face of justice and Ukrainian citizens’ attitude towards public services, is being performed jointly by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and USAID. The seminar was opened by the Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko.

The Minister pointed out that this seminar is not another standard educational program, performed “for show” for the last 20 years in many ministries and departments. This training changes communication philosophy between the civil servant and an average Ukrainian citizen.

“We want justice sector employees to sincerely help people, who address them. These are the trainings, designed to change philosophy of communication between public servants and citizens”, - emphasized Pavlo Petrenko

Pavlo Petrenko stressed that our current goal is to increase public trust in Government and to facilitate their lives. For this reason, maximum facilitation of the justice system and reduction of its staff is currently taking place. Changes in quality of justice system personnel are being performed alongside with its reduction.

“It is important for us to have new people working at the Ministry. People, who are going to establish the new format of communication with Ukrainian citizens. It is for new employees, who had come to the justice sector through open contests, to bring our ministry’s new philosophy to people. If you are to succeed, then Ukraine will have a new Ministry of Justice with a new attitude”, - emphasized Pavlo Petrenko.

He expressed confidence that in the nearest future justice authorities will manage to completely switch to “customer relations” format, when Ukrainian citizens, while addressing justice authorities, will be confident that they will receive here consultations, assistance and protection.

Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Gia Getsadze expressed gratitude to USAID and the USA Government for effective cooperation, embodied in modern education programs, which are essential to employees during the justice sector reform.

“We have created a new Ministry of Justice and it won’t have anything in common with corruption. Our goal is to improve the quality of services, provided to our citizens, in order for them not to stand in lines or pay bribes any longer. This seminar will help us to improve our work”, - stated the Deputy Minister.

USAID Fair justice project Chief of Party David Vaughn in his turn pointed out that one of the tasks of USAID Fair justice project is to promote Ukrainian Government to increase responsibility of government bodies and transparency in decision making processes that affect citizen’s lives.

“Updating justice system’s senior management and concern for their professional development is of particular importance in this context. Fair justice project gladly responded to the Ministry of Justice initiative to support the deployment of training programs”, - he said.

According to him, civil servants currently have limited opportunities to develop personal professional skills targeted for specific users

“Civil servants should have knowledge in modern topics such as strategic planning and management. We consider it an honor to assist the Ministry of Justice in employee training program”, - David Vaughn.

Natalia Kopylenko pointed out that Ukraine has no commercial institution, progressive bank or enterprise that have significant achievements and don’t invite training providers.

According to her, some companies’ top-managers and even middle managers visit up to 10 trainings annually.

“After 3 days of training you should leave this place with knowledge. If a person uses skills, obtained through training, even a year after the training – the training was phenomenally successful”, - emphasized Natalia Kopylenko.

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